Welcome to my website!


I am an astrophysicist interested in galaxies in the very early Universe. At the beginning of December 2017 I’m off to start my second post-doc, this time at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg. Follow me on twitter for thrilling updates… @ab_drake.

I’ve been lucky recently to have squeezed in 5 months working at the Royal Astronomical Society as an assistant editor for MNRAS, between postdoc #1 (CRAL, Lyon), and postdoc #2. I left Lyon three months before the end of my contract and negotiated a delayed-start at MPIA so that I could ‘broaden my horizons’ through editorial work, outreach, and media adventures in the UK.

I’ve *really* enjoyed the fantastic opportunities to exercise my outreach and communication skills which have been waiting to burst out for a while now… In my first month at the journal I had already sent a pattie and chips into space with BBC Radio Humberside and subsequently chased it to Lincolnshire.

I’ve been very lucky that the RAS team have been so flexible in allowing me to fly off to present my research at EWASS, NAM, and during a collaborative visit to the new astrophysics department at Lancaster.

Recent Work:

My latest paper, uncovering the faint-end of the Lya luminosity function with MUSE, has been accepted for publication in an A&A special issue on the Hubble Ultra Deep Field as seen by ESO-MUSE (the ground-breaking wide-field integral field spectrograph installed on the Very Large Telescope in Chile!)

Scientific Interests:

  • Lyman Alpha Emitters (LAEs)
  • High-redshift galaxies
  • Reionisation
  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Evolution of cosmic star formation as a function of stellar mass
  • Quenching of star formation – mechanisms acting at z~1

Other Interests: