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Friday 15th July 2016

It’s an exciting time of year at the moment – today I’ve been back from Greece for two days after attending the EWASS conference to present my work and that of a colleague. It’s also two days today until I set off for Potsdam, Germany, to visit collaborators and hopefully make some progress on the exciting science coming from MUSE. Today I am also organising an upcoming visit to Liverpool in the UK to collaborate with many of the people I did my PhD with. Lots to do, which I am very happy about! Just don’t get me started on the referendum result… Sadly, today is also one of the days when we are glued to the news following devastating happenings in France. It’s hard to find any kind of words which do justice to how awful these days are, and France has endured too many in the last year and a half.  Many events of late have highlighted to me just how important it is to maintain diplomatic relations around the world. Science relies on collaboration, and the future of the human race relies on our ability to embrace our differences and live in peace!  With that I will go and get on with some work 😉 and leave you with a photo from last week in Greece – dinner on the island of Hydra where we watched the final of Euro 2016. Seven of us spent the evening together, and each one from a different country…. 🙂