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If you are an invited speaker visiting us soon, scroll down to find a few useful details about what to expect at CRAL!

I am no longer in charge of coordinating the seminars at CRAL! However I've kept here some of the information I put together for speakers, plus links to the new official CRAL website.  


We aim to cover a wide range of topics within the broad theme of Astronomy and Astrophysics, and welcome speakers from around France and across Europe.

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CRAL staff enjoying the seminar
CRAL staff enjoying the seminar
For Scheduled Speakers:


If you are scheduled to visit us over the coming year, we hope you find all the information you need below:



Seminars are held at 11:00am on Fridays in the Salle de Conference at Observatoire de Lyon (...unless stated otherwise)

We suggest that you arrive at the observatory by ~10:30am on the day of your seminar in order to allow for set-up, coffee, and chatting with staff at the observatory.

Approximately 50 minutes of material is ideal for the length of your presentation, we aim to have the seminar plus question session finished within the hour.


Your Audience

The audience at the observatory will comprise staff from several research groups, these will include:

  • The GALPAC extra-galactic group (simulations and observations)
  • The HARISSA team (planet formation and signal processing)
  • Many instrument scientists and engineers

Levels within the audience will range from masters students and new PhD students all the way up to senior staff.



English is ideal for the presentation. If you prefer to present your work in French we can arrange this in advance.


 Local Travel

Information for local travel  is outlined on my travel page here:

Alyssa's Travel to the Observatory

...and on the official CRAL page here:

Official Travel to the Observatory


For any questions that are not covered here please contact the seminar organisers at:

seminars.cral at


CRAL Seminars 2015. Speakers Jonathan Chardin (Cambridge University, UK) and Thibault Garel (CRAL) shown.