Travel to the Observatory

Good Luck on your Journey to the site of Saint-Genis-Laval!

There are a couple of alternative ways to reach the observatory from the centre of Lyon.



In town you can buy tickets that allow you to use busses, metro and trams which are all run by the TCL Network. You can purchase these tickets from automatic machines at every metro station or tram stop for ~1.80€ (for one hour's travel), or on the bus from the driver for 2.00€. These tickets can be reimbursed after your visit - don't forget to buy *two* tickets if you want to get back to Lyon after your talk at the Observatory!


Travel from Lyon centre to the Observatory:

Option 1. Take metro B to Gare d’Oullins, where you can take bus 78 to get as close to the observatory as possible (Stop: “Observatoire”). You’ll probably notice that this bus is quite infrequent, so in the morning there are really only a few options: 08:20, 08:50, 09:20 or 10:10 (NB - this is pretty unreliable, check TCL website for updates, strikes, or apparently random "holiday times").

Bus 78 timetable: -


Option 2. Take metro B to Gare d’Oullins, then walk to the centre of Oullins (~2-3 minutes) where you can catch the C10 bus to St Genis Laval (Stop: “Saint Genis Centre”). The C10 runs every 10 minutes or so.

Bus C10 timetable:


Bus stops in Oullins - click to enlarge

*** NB 14/01/17: Bus stop for bus 78 has moved from being the closest stop to the metro exit (red cross) to the stand furthest away from the metro exit (on the map a vertical line downwards from the red cross until you reach the furthest stand) ! ***



Option 3. Take the C10 bus from Bellecour (or somewhere else in town) all the way to St Genis Laval (Stop: “Saint Genis Centre”)


Via option 1, 2 or 3 you should arrive at one of the following bus stops from where you can walk to the observatory:

Bus stops "close" to Observatory - click to enlarge



Google maps links:

Walking: C10 stop "St Genis Centre" to Observatoire

Walking: 78 stop “Observatoire” to Observatoire

Walking: Gare d’Oullins to C10 bus stop: